Episode 8:
Joy as an act of resistance

Rediscovering joy underpins the whole podcast series but the focus for this episode is what joy is and why the pursuit of joy is so important, not only in staying well and achieving our aims, but also staying motivated to change the system. Can joy really be a form of resistance and if it’s so […]

Episode 7:
Caught in the virtue trap

It’s a cruel irony that the very sense of purpose that makes working in education so rewarding also means that educators are more at risk of burn out. 46% of teachers and school leaders say they go to work when they are unwell so it’s no surprise that we often hear about self-sacrifice, guilt and […]

Episode 6:
The loneliness of the teaching profession

When you’re facing overwhelm, it’s all too easy for your default position to be self criticism and shame, which is a lonely place to be. This episode highlights what happens when you are not kind to yourself. We discuss ways you can move away from self neglect and back towards being an inner coach for […]

Episode 5:
Close to the edge

There has probably never been a more stressful time to be an educator. We might not be able to control many of the external sources of stress that we face but what can we do to tackle stress from within? This episode looks at how developing greater self compassion can help to regulate stress and […]

Episode 4:
What’s good enough in a system that’s never good enough?

Have you ever felt that no matter how hard you work it’s never ‘enough’? It can be incredibly difficult to feel ‘good enough’ in a culture of toxic productivity so how can educators tackle this all too common joyblocker? Within this huge subject, we focus on perfectionism and working out what enough really is. Go […]

Episode 3:
Safeguarding your wellbeing

This episode explores the joyblocker of ignoring your basic needs. If we already know plenty of ways to improve our wellbeing, how come we don’t act on them? And what can we do ensure that we prioritise giving ourselves what we need? Click here for the pdf Managing your stress Go to ‘The Programme’ section […]

Episode 2:
Not waving but drowning

If you’ve ever felt that you can’t bear to look at your to-do list, found yourself hiding from co-workers, or unable to shake off thoughts of work to enjoy your weekend, then it’s pretty likely that you’re in the grip of overwhelm. A recurring topic in our coaching sessions with educators is the joyblocker of […]

Episode 1:
Introducing Partners in Joy

Welcome to Joyblockers and How To Get Rid of Them the podcast. This episode does exactly what it says on the tin; it’s a chance to get to know a bit more about who we are, what we stand for and why we think you need this podcast in your life!  Go to ‘The Programme’ […]