Partners in Joy

We are Maureen Bowes and Siobhan Goffee – Partners in Joy.

Together, we’ve worked in education for over 40 years and, in our different ways, we’ve both seen how the system can squeeze the joy out of life for teachers and leaders. So we decided we’d do our bit to change that. We’ve created a series of podcasts called “JOYBLOCKERS and how to get rid of them”. In every episode we address those joyblockers head on, one joyblocker at a time.
We want to empower you, as educators, to stay well, rediscover joy in the job you once loved and stay motivated to change the system.

for Educators

Our programme, Practivism for Educators, starts in January 2023. Click below to see more details:

You can listen to JOYBLOCKERS and how to get rid of them - the podcast on Spotify

What people are saying

Happy listeners!
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I really loved this podcast series about the dire state of the teaching profession and what teachers can actively do about their own situation from the inside. Rather than being filled with toxic positivity homilies, the lack of sugar coating of this very real dilemma is a breath of fresh air.

I listened to them on my daily walks and felt affirmed and supported, not patronised and sidelined. Thank you to you both.

Lecturer in Primary Teacher Education Australia

I just listened to the first two podcasts. At the end of the first one, I actually had a few tears; it triggered my memories of losing the joy of headship, the many emotions I went through at that time…but also the gratitude I have for the life I now have which is chockablock full of joy! By the end of episode two, I was copying and pasting the link to most of my coaching clients.

Leadership Coach and Ex Headteacher